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To listen to a track press on the name of the track with your mouse then press the play/pause button. It takes several seconds for a track to load so be patient if you don't hear any audio at first.

All compositions in the player were composed by Nick Demopoulos. Below is a little information about each of the tracks.

Tracks 1, 2 and 12 are recordings by the group Exegesis, a live Jazz/Electronic Music/Improvised Music group featuring Nick Demopoulos on guitar and keyboards, Danton Boller on bass and keyboards, Tomas Fujiwara on drums and Jeremy Wilms on bass and keyboards.

More information about this group can be found at

Tracks 3 thru 5 are from an upcoming Nick Demopoulos solo CD of electronic classical and electronic jazz compositions.

Mytic Myxo: Myxo is the greek word for mucus or slime, so use your imagination as to what that is about.

"It came from Iron Mountain" is a fugue. The subject is the nine note melody in the beginning of the piece.

"Iron Mountain Canon" is a strict four voice canon, with each voice entering four bars after the previous voice and a 4th lower. It starts with the subject from "It came from Iron Mountain" in inverted form.

Tracks 6 and 7 feature vocalists Nick Demopoulos has worked with. "Maze of Death" features Gretchen Parlato, and is a piece performed by Exegesis, and "Anti-Manipulation Defences" features lyrics by Ford Wright and vocals by Lizzy Yoder.

Tracks 8 thru 10 are recordings of live performances, either performed using an interactive interface, or an algorithmic type improvisation.Some of these tracks might be available for purchase or download in the future.

Tracks 11 is from "Harmonic Convergence," the CD by the Nick Demopoulos Quartet, and features Katisse Buckingham on flute, Nick Demopoulos on guitar, Mike Elisando on bass, and Joel Alpers on drums.

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